Spring Concerto - Beethoven and Mozart

Saturday 30th March at 7:30
St Michael's Church, Madeley,

We are delighted to be returning to St Michael's Madeley for our Spring concert under Alwyn Green's baton and with the leadership of Laura Brownsell who will also be performing Mozart's Violin Concerto No 4 in D Major.

Laura is a graduate of the Birmingham Conservatoire where she studied under Nic Fallowfield of the Tedesca Quartet. During her time there she led the Birmingham Conservatorire Chamber Orchestra and had masterclasses with prestigious violinist such as Charles Sewart, Oliver Willie, and Jennifer Koh. You can find more information about Laura on this page.

Mozart's Violin Concerto No 4 in D major was one of the four he composed in 1775 when he was just nineteen years old and its second movement (Andante cantabile) is a real test piece for the soloist, allowing them only a rare moment of rest in a movement which exploits the full range of the instrument as it weaves in and out of other solos appearing in the accompanying orchestra.

 Beethoven’s Fourth has been rather overshadowed by the revolutionary Third Symphony (Eroica) but deserves to be better-known. It has a predominantly cheerful and graceful nature, and is propelled with unstoppable momentum. It is a thoroughly Beethovenian work despite the clear influence of Haydn, particularly in the symphony's opening.


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