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Concert 17th November


Concert 17th November

Rehearsals with Choir

In addition to the afternoon of the conceret day there will be two rehearsals with the choir:

Monday 5th November
Monday 12th November

Both rehearsals will be in St Michael's Church.

The rehearsal will start as usual at 7:30 but we'll need to set up the church and put it back at the end of the rehearsal, so please arrive early to help. The church will be open for us from 6:45.

Carmen Suite Movements

1.  No   5 Toreadors
2              Prelude
3.  No   1 Aragonsise
4.  No  3 Seguedille
5.  No  7 Habanera
6.   No 9 Chanson du Toreador
7.  No 10 La Garde EXCERPT  Starting at the 6/8 section (bar 148) - trumpet fanfare
8.  No 11 Danse Boheme


Concert dates

17th November 2018

30th March 2019

29th June 2019

23rd November 2019