Conductor’s Notes – 19th September

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well. Just some quick notes about this week’s rehearsal, and what to look forward to next term.

What we‘ve already done this term:

It’s been great to start our “Stage and Screen” concert repertoire for our November concert. We’ve managed to look through all the music, so now it’s a case of practice, practice, practice!
Two weeks ago, on the 12th Sep, we spent lots of time rehearsing the 4th and 1st movements of the Star Wars Suite, particularly focussing on the hard rhythms and intricate textures. We ended with small sections on the West Side Story Medley, which is coming along nicely.

What we’ll do on Monday 26th:

Lots more work on Star Wars Suite, as you might expect. This week, a brief reminder of the 1st movement, then movement 3, and movement 2. We’ll then work on the Pirates of the Caribbean Medley.

AGM follow up

It was lovely to see many of you online at the AGM last Wednesday. I loved chatting through everything we’ve accomplished over the past year, and it was excellent to chat about future repertoire. Below is information about the Spring term.

I’m also going to provide some paper and pens tonight, so you can all write down any suggestions for repertoire in the future – I love hearing about what you’d like to do, and will always take into account suggestions for programmes. Of course, if you can’t make it tonight, please feel free to email me or chat to me at any point, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Programme for Spring ’23

And, as promised, the programme for Spring ’23. I’m really excited to be working on and performing this music with you all – it’s fabulous and I hope you’ll all enjoy it. I also hope you’ll appreciate the continuation of Beethoven’s 7 Symphony into the term, getting to play the whole thing after working on the 2nd movement for our “Stage and Screen” concert.

“The Joy of Spring”

Karelia Suite – Sibelius, J.

Excerpts from The Wand of Youth Suites 1 & 2 – Elgar, E.
Suite 1: I. Overture
Suite 1: II. Serenade
Suite 2: I. March
Suite 2: III. Moths and Butterflies
Suite 2: V. The Tame Bear
Suite 2: VI. The Wild Bear

Symphony No. 7 – Beethoven, L. v.

See you all tonight!
– Ben