Conductor’s Notes – 17th October

Hello everyone! A HUGE thank you to Chris for stepping in at such short notice. I was gutted to miss the rehearsal, and missed you all a lot, but I heard that some good work was done.
I’m looking forward to seeing most of you at Adrian’s on Saturday.

What we did on Monday 17th October:

You began with working on Beethoven’s Allegretto, rehearsing the whole movement in sections, with the whole movement sounding great. Chris told me he worried about the strings rushing the bowings on the opening rhythms, so that’s one to just watch out for.
Afterwards you did some excellent work on West Side Story, with Chris saying the beginning sounded brilliant, but we got slightly stuck at ‘Something’s Coming’ at letter L. We’ll do some work on this on Saturday, but overall I’m really pleased.
Some lovely feedback from both Chris and members, so thank you all for coping with it when I’m not available, especially at such short notice.

What we’ll do on Saturday 22nd October:

On Saturday we’ll be working efficiently and effectively through lots of music, but taking regular breaks. Below is a full rehearsal schedule. Please note that, following the great work on the Beethoven you did on Monday, all we’ll really do on it is play it through.

13:45 – Arrive.
14:00 – Tuning and warm up with Colonel Bogey.
14:20 – Beethoven Allegretto.
14:35 – Star Wars Movement II. Princess Leia’s Theme.
15:15 – Break.
15:30 – Star Wars Movement I. Main Title.
16:00 – Star Wars Movement IV. Yoda’s Theme (Trumpets not needed).
16:15 – Break.
16:30 – Star Wars Movement V. Throne Room and End Title.
16:50 – West Side Story.
17:20 – Pirates of the Caribbean.
17:30 – Finish and social (at Adrian’s discretion).

Detailed plan, and I’m sure it’ll change, but it gives us something to work towards!

On Monday 24th we’ll be going through any section not ‘up to scratch’ at the Saturday rehearsal, so I’m sure that’ll all be clear by 5:30pm on Saturday afternoon…

It’s worth saying that this Saturday rehearsal is exactly 3 weeks away from the concert. I’m sure that, in rehearsals, you’re aware of exactly where needs the work, and I can say for certain I’ll be putting in the extra hours of practice between now and then – please do join me in this…


Keep making use of the Spotify Playlist HERE. It contains everything except the James Bond Medley which you can hear if you click HERE. I listen to the playlist in the car very regularly, keeping the music fresh, even if my interpretation doesn’t always line up with it, haha!


I spoke to Lyndy today and she says there are around 7(!) left… make sure you’ve reserved yours! At £7.50 they’re an absolute bargain. We may need to find more seating!

You can get them from the Anstice at:
01952 567230

Please also see the poster below, and share it far and wide!

See most of you tomorrow at Adrian’s, and see you all on Monday 24th.
– Ben