Conductor’s Notes – 14th November

Firstly, a HUGE well done for last Saturday’s concert! I thought you all played incredibly well, and should be so pleased with how the entire performance went. The audience loved it, and I’ve had some brilliant feedback from the evening. I’m so proud of what we achieved – it was a fiendish programme, and certainly a challenge for us all, but you all rose to that challenge and shone brilliantly. Let’s continue to revel in the success, and look forward to the next one in March.

What we did on Monday 14th November:

We took it easy and looked at something completely different – Borodin’s Symphony No. 2. After playing it all the way through in the first half, we played did some great work on movements 3 & 4.

What we’ll do on Monday 21st November:

We’ll have a look at movements 1 & 2 of the Borodin, focusing especially on ensemble.

I understand that some of you would like to crack straight on with the music for next term, but I also know that some people would like to play through new music, even if we don’t perform it.
Can I reassure you that we’ll do the Borodin for just this week, and from the 28th we’ll start looking towards March’s concert. This gives us more time to get the final bits of music in, and hand out the new music. I also think these two weeks of ‘just playing it through’ are a great opportunity to look at music we won’t necessarily play in concert due to its difficulty in a non-pressured environment, to enjoy a different piece and style of music, and to work on good orchestral practices such as ensemble, listening, and collective musicianship.
I personally love the Borodin, and hope you’ll enjoy this final week of working on it, despite the copies being quite unclear, haha!

Looking Forward

… to our March concert: The Joy of Spring. Please find below a running order of what we’ll be doing, when the concert is, and a playlist to start listening to.
I’m really excited about this concert, and look forward to starting work on it on the 28th November.

Running order:
Karelia Suite – Jean Sibelius
Excerpts from The Wand of Youth Suites 1 & 2 – Edward Elgar
Suite 1: I. Overture
Suite 1: II. Serenade
Suite 2: I. March
Suite 2: III. Moths and Butterflies
Suite 2: V. The Tame Bear
Suite 2: VI. The Wild Bear
– Interval of 25 minutes –
Symphony No. 7 – Ludwig van Beethoven

Concert details:
When: Saturday 18th March, 2023
Time: 19:30 concert – probably a 13:30 on-the-day rehearsal
Where: St Michael’s Church, Madeley

Spotify Playlist:
You can hear the playlist HERE.

Christmas Party:

A huge thank you to Frances for arranging this – a brilliant evening that the orchestra haven’t done for the past few years due to Covid. Now, we get to celebrate together. Please see below for Frances’ message.

“Bookings are being taken for our New Year dinner, to be held at 7pm on Friday 6th January at the Valley Hotel, Coalbrookdale.
At £28 per head for three courses.
Players are welcome to bring a partner or friend.

Please let Frances know ASAP if you would like to book so we can confirm numbers for the hotel by 30th November, and they can find the best room for us.

Menu choices to be confirmed as soon as you are able, and all payments to be made by 15th December please. The menu, which includes full Christmas dinner as well as other options is below. There will also be a copy with the signing sheet at rehearsals. See Party Night Menu (rather than street food menu) .

Payment may be cash or Cheque payable to Frances Cooper, or if you are not coming into rehearsals, text Frances. Details can be obtained from Frances, Ben, or Phil. Any places cancelled seven days or less before the event will be charged the full cost by the hotel.

This should be a very pleasant evening so we look forward to seeing you there!”

See you all on the 21st.

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