Pre-Concert Conductor’s Notes – 13th March

Great job everyone on another excellent rehearsal – next stop: concert day! Below is a brief summary of what we did, and then all the information you could possibly need to know, including a rehearsal schedule for the day. See you all on Saturday!

What we did on Monday 13th March:

We began with Beethoven Movement 3 just touching up the odd corner – remember wind and brass to take a full, early breath to ensure our entries are together. Then we worked on the trumpet/tutti sections of the Karelia Suite (movements 1 & 3) with our 3rd trumpeter, making sure the ensemble was perfect, the balance was correct, and everything was well tuned.

We did some excellent work on the 4th movement, securing a few corners, and practicing the handover of melodic snippets, especially in the strings (Letters I-K) – just a little bit more personal practice on these to get them under the fingers and we’ll have it spotless! Then we reminded ourselves of, and refined, a couple of moments in Movement 2, including the opening, the fugue, and the start of the ‘b’ motif.

Finally, we ended with spot checks of the ‘chamber movements’ of the Elgar, maintaining the quality and balance throughout, allowing the correct instruments through the texture at the right points, and perfecting the interpretation of the music. Such good work, and really classy playing – well done!

Concert Day Rehearsal Schedule:

13:00 – Set up St Michael’s Church (help with percussion and chairs).

13:30Beethoven Symphony 7 (in order).
Trombones to take short break while we rehearse Movement 2.

14:45 – Break.
Tuba, Trumpet 3, Horns 3 & 4, and Percussion to join.

15:00 – Sibelius Karelia Suite (in order).
Brass, percussion and flutes to take short break while we rehearse Movement 2.

15:40 – Elgar Wand of Youth Suites Movements 1:1 (Overture), 2:1 (March) and 2:6 (The Wild Bears), including practicing joins between movements.
Trumpet 3 to leave, Harp to join.

16:10 – Elgar Wand of Youth Suites Movements 1:2 (Serenade), 2:3 (Moths and Butterflies) and 2:5 (The Tame Bear).
Tuba, Trombones, Trumpets, and Horns 3 & 4 to leave.

16:30 – Rehearsal ends.

19:10 – Arrival and set up for concert.

19:30 – Concert starts.

Other Concert information

Location: St Michael’s Church, Madeley, TF7 5BN.

Concert Dress: All Black – it may be cold, so make sure you’re wearing appropriate layers. All open-collar, so no ties.

Concert Running Order:
Karelia Suite – Sibelius
Movements from The Wand of Youth Suites 1 & 2 – Elgar
Suite 1: I. Overture
Suite 1: II. Serenade
Suite 2: I. March
Suite 2: III. Moths and Butterflies
Suite 2: V. The Tame Bear
Suite 2: VI. The Wild Bears
Interval of 25 minutes
Symphony No. 7 – Beethoven

Other bits:


Tickets are available online from the address below. Otherwise on the door (same price – £7.50).
Tel. – 01952 382382

See you all on Saturday 18th!