Monday 24.01.22

Monday 24th January

Many thanks indeed to Chris for covering at the last minute. I’m very pleased to say I’m now out of isolation, and have my full energy back! I’ve heard it was a very successful rehearsal, and lots of good work was done on the Hungarian Dance no. 5, some good note-bashing on the Invitation to the Dance, and a solid reminder of the outer movements of the Dvorak Symphony no. 8.

What we will do on 31.01.22

We’ll be doing lots of detailed work on the Slavonic Dances, and the Weber. Schedule below:

19:30-20:05 – Dvorak Slavonic Dance no. 3.
20:05-20:35 – Dvorak Slavonic Dance no. 4.
20:35-20:45 – Break.
20:45-21:10 – Dvorak Slavonic Dance no. 8.
21:10-21:30 – Weber Invitation to the Dance (trombones can leave early).

Here’s the Spotify Link so you can all carry on listening to this excellent music!

I look forward to seeing you all on the 31st January!