Monday 31.01.22

Oh it was so lovely to be back with you again! I missed you all dearly last week, so it was a pleasure to close off January with such a joyful rehearsal. I felt like I really push you hard this week in terms of developing colour and contrast with the Slavonic Dances and The Invitation to the Dance – it shows such promise for the forthcoming weeks.

What we did on 31.01.22

Lots of good work on ensemble and building the layers in Slavonic Dance No. 3. In Slavonic Dance No. 4 there was a great start to the finding the colours in each section. We’re beginning to show the incredible contrast in all of the Slavonic Dances, so keep working on that at home.
The Invitation to the Dance is coming along. Despite containing many repeats, it isn’t easy, and a small amount of personal practice will tidy up the tricky areas.

What we will do on 07.02.22

I’m away for my final event as part of the NYCGB Fellowship, so Chris is very kindly taking the rehearsal again. He’ll be taking you through:

19:30-20:10 – Dvorak Symphony no. 8, Movement 3.
20:10-20:30 – Dvorak Symphony no. 8, Movement 1.
20:30-20:40 – Break.
20:40-21:00 – Dvorak Symphony no. 8, Movement 2.
21:00-21:30 – Weber Invitation to the Dance.

*Please note: Trombones are not needed this week*
(You can go to the pub instead!)

This week’s listening is a shameless plug for the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain’s latest album release on Spotify. It’s been a delight singing this amazing music by 4 incredible Young Composers, and is a glimpse into what I’ll be doing while you’re rehearsing this week! Listen Here.

I look forward to seeing you all again on the 14th, and again another massive thank you to Chris!