Monday 07.02.22

Apologies for the delay in getting these notes posted – we’ve had the joy of moving house, so have been frantically packing and moving over the past week. A massive thank you goes again to Chris for taking Monday’s rehearsal. I had a great time recording down in London with the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain as part of the final event in my Fellowship year; more on this below.

What we did on 07.02.22

I’ve heard that there was some fantastic work on the 2nd and 3rd movements of the Dvorak Symphony and the Weber, including some great slow-practice of the fiddly parts – hopefully you’re all feeling a lot more confident with the harder passages. I can’t wait to build up the tempo and work on the stylistic points in the forthcoming weeks.

What we will do on 14.02.22

I’d love to keep building on these movements, so we’ll have a rehearsal in 2 halves again with the Dances in the first half, and the Symphony in the second.

19:30-20:00 – Dvorak Slavonic Dance no. 8.
20:00-20:25 – Dvorak Slavonic Dance no. 4.
20:25-20:35 – Break.
20:35-21:00 – Dvorak Symphony no. 8, Movement 2.
21:00-21:30 – Dvorak Symphony no. 8, Movement 3.

*Please note: Trombones will only be needed in the first half of the rehearsal.

This week’s listening is actually a watching event too – it’s the NYCGB Showcase 2022. This is the event for which we were recording on Monday, and it’s a fantastic chance to see the work I’ve been doing with NYCGB. Tickets are free and it’s available to watch online HERE.

Finally, the Spotify playlist is here too.