Monday 14.02.22

I hope you’re all managing to stay safe and well in this storm! Fortunately we’ve been okay, but are slightly apprehensive of moving our furniture tomorrow…
What a wonderful rehearsal on Monday! I’m so pleased with how the orchestra is sounding, and we’re making fabulous progress on the repertoire for the Spring concert.

What we did on 14.02.22

The Dvorak Slavonic Dances are really coming along nicely. I felt the first 10 minutes of the rehearsal were a ‘warm up’, but after that the 8th Dance really came to life and shone brilliantly! I’m so grateful for your efforts in dealing with the contrasts, especially in the 3rd Dance, which we spent a bit of time working on. Now to just finish those off.
Movements 2 & 3 of the Symphony are taking on an excellent character, and I’m very happy with how they sound.

What we will do on 21.02.22

Let’s do some work on the outer movements of the Symphony this week, as well as the Weber and Slavonic Dance no. 2:

19:30-20:00 – Dvorak Symphony no. 8, Movement 1.
20:00-20:25 – Dvorak Symphony no. 8, Movement 4.
20:25-20:35 – Break.
20:35-21:00 – Dvorak Slavonic Dance no. 2.
21:00-21:30 – Weber Invitation to the Dance.

This week’s listening

I’m afraid it’s still a shameless plug to watch the NYCGB 2022 Showcase, which is AVAILABLE HERE. I hope it’ll give you an insight into the incredible work of the organisation, as well as hearing some amazing vocal music composed by four incredible young composers.

And, the Spotify playlist is here.

Have a lovely weekend, and see you all on Monday 21st!

– Ben